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Success Stories

The Bar was opened 3rd January 2015, and since then we have had the privelige of helping 1000's of Toowoomba locals on their health and fitness journey at the gym. 

Here are some amazing people, and their stories. 

Who were once scrolling through our website as well, before their whole world changed.

12 Month Club

102 Five Star Facebook Reviews

Voted Toowoomba's #1 Gym

In the Triple M 'Toowoomba's Best Gym' competition

Kim K.

I lost 50.5kgs in 9 months! And if you had of told me that I could do that only a month before I joined the gym, I would have laughed in your face! I am also so much fitter, faster and stronger than I ever could have imagined being. I couldn't do a single sit-up, push-up or even run 100 meters when I joined the gym. I can now say I've held a plank for 20 minutes, managed to deadlift 130kgs, did Tough Mudder for fun and achieved a level 5 last time I did the gym fitness test! I honestly don't think I could have achieved my goals, or got where I am without The Bar and their incredible team!I will forever be in their debt, they've honestly saved my life!

Adam B.

Before joining The Bar I was at a similiar type gym, but I was looking for something a little more personal and inclusive. I knew that I would always have to be doing some sort of regular exercise as my health deteriorates pretty quickly without it, so my main goal was to remain as active as possible. Weight loss, improved fitness and feeling good was always was always the focus. I was also looking for a social outlet as I don't play or enjoy competitive sports. If you are looking to get results in a supportive and friendly environment, without the judgement from either staff or other members, and without the pressure or expectation that you should be a top athlete, then the Bar is for you.

Cherry S.

My first impression of the Bar was after  experiencing first hand how inviting the gym was, I just felt like I belonged. I was always greeted every time I walked in at the door. Everyone still manages to put a smile on my face. Since joining the Bar I have lost around 17 kilos and gained a whole heap of strength and able to lift 125 kg. The team is passionate and dedicated for all of their clients. They also have their own goals which leads a perfect example to follow and continue on with our own journey. Thank you to every single one of you at The Bar team. You have given me beyond more than my own expectations. I have gained and learnt so much about myself and also set me up with a better lifestyle of heath and fitness.

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